“People around me tell me that I’m strange. Mum and dad tell me: ” You need to be brave.” Abuelito tells me: “In the ocean, every drop of water you see is special like you and me.”

You also are special!

That´s why I want to invite you to tell me what makes you special. Take a moment to think. Do not rush and you’ll end up finding it, because everyone, absolutely everyone has something that sets him apart from the others and makes him unique and unrepeatable, becoming a special being … and there’s often not just one thing, but a series of things.

Maybe it’s a way of dressing, a favorite food that others find terrible, the music you listen to, a private ritual that nobody knows about  (like zebra crossing steps treading only the white stripes, counting the letters on the words you see written down the street, or making up songs in the shower every morning…). Perhaps what makes you special is the way you interact with your friends, or your pet, or the things you write in your journal…

I for example have a cactus as “companion plant” and I greet him every morning. I also have a grandfather (my abuelito) who spends his days playing the ukulele and we love to sing songs using just one vowel…

I’d like you to share here with me what makes you special. You can write it down, or send me a picture or even a video to rolfyflor@gmail.com , and maybe, little by little, we will convince everyone that we are all special.

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  1. Izabw

    Izabela 5è A, escola Bisbe Hervàs, Puçol. Because I like art, music, dancing, sleeping, reading, learning ,sports, creating, chocolate and fashion.


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