New York City is where I was born and where I live. Like all cities with a harbor, we are used to having people from all over the world. On the streets of NYC you can hear every language you can imagine. The island of Manhattan is the most crowded part of the city. Some people call it the Big Apple. A man called Peter Minuit bought it for 1000$ from the Native American Lenape people in 1624. It used to be full of wild beavers, now it’s full of skyscrapers and yellow cabs.


There are hundreds of skyscrapers in NYC, but our most famous one is the Empire State Building. It was built in 1929, and for a long, long time, it was the highest building in the world.

Besides all the buildings, we also have Central Park, where there’s not many beavers, but plenty of squirrels

In Central Park you can also find the Central Park Zoo, one of my favorite places in NYC.
During most of the year, you only see runners inside Central Park. That’s because my city is usually full of cars, but once a year, we have a big race, where runners take the streets. It is called the New York City Marathon.

New York City is a good place to eat, specially if you like diversity. Here we have every possible cuisine from around the world. But my favorite dish is a very simple one, Guacamole. I always prepare it with abuelito, which makes it taste twice as good!