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Hi, I’m Flor again. When The Pinker Tones began to explain our adventures in their cd/books I never imagined it would be such hard work to record a story with songs. I thought The Pinker Tones did it all themselves, but they don’t. The day they told me about all the people who had worked in them, I was astonished. Let me introduce you to everyone who collaborated in the making of the “Flor & Rolf” series:



furiaMister Furia is one of the two men from The Pinker Tones. He plays the role of Rolf through the entire album, and he also sang as the icemen, Mario and Marcello, my neighbour Herr Weber and François, Rolf’s french neighbour. Mister Furia, what a name! I thought he would be a wild animal, but he turned out to be a very nice man, and when he told me he also plays the Ukelele, I knew he had to be someone good.



mansoProfesor Manso is the other Pinkertone, and composes songs together with Mister Furia. He explained to me that in the studio he is in charge of recording with the computer. I asked him if he played any instruments, and he said that he prefers the really noisy ones like the drums, tambourine, cowbell… Profesor Manso wrotte the lyrics to turn my story into songs. He is also a photographer, and he has a website where you can see many of his pictures. The Pinker Tones made a video talking about Flor & Rolf:



niñoMr. Furia told me that Dj Niño is his younger brother, and they call him Dj Niño because he started playing records in clubs when he was very young. He has been working together with The Pinker Tones for years, and he always plays with them in their concerts. And he made the soundtrack of one of my favourite TV series, “Misha, the purple cat“.


gallardoMiguel Gallardo is the painter who did all the illustrations of “Flor & Rolf”. He has been a good friend of The Pinker Tones for a long time, and he has published several children’s books before. Some time ago he published “María y yo”, also a story of a very special girl. María is Miguel’s daughter, and she has become very famous, because they made a movie about her, too.



MichelleMimi is also a good friend of The Pinker Tones. they told me that she not only sings very well, but she has also appeared in many movies as an actress. They also told me that she likes to sing in a style called Blues.



EwaWikstromWhen The Pinker Tones started working on our second adventure, ‘Rolf & Flor in the Arctic Circle’, one of the first thoughts that crossed their minds was to look for a Scandinavian singer to play the role of Flor. And they found her. Ewa not only sings like an angel, she also plays a lot of instruments and writes her own songs.



ZOEWhen Ewa had already sung her songs in the studio, she got a terrible cold and lost her voice for a little while… And we still had to record Flor’s narrator tracks! The Pinker Tones then called Zoe Srebnick, who is a neighbor of Professor Manso’s. Zoe is a young actress and her father is from New York, so they thought she would have the right accent. And once again, they fully matched. They liked her so much that she repeated as a narrator in “Rolf & Flor in London”. On this occasion, she even brought her trumpet to play on “Jimmy’s bus”.



vivky_thumbThese Pinker Tones are so unpredictable, one shouldn’t be shocked by anything. Who else could think of inviting a girl from Sevilla who lives in Madrid to play a little girl from NYC who is travelling to London? But everything has its logic: Virginia likes the same music from London as The Piker Tones do, and she sang Flor’s songs beautifully. She has been a good friend of Manso and Furia since they produced her first record in 2009, after she won the spanish TV show “Operación Triunfo”.



albertplaAlbert Pla is the man who played the role of Rolf’s abuelita, Ukelele. First I thought it was a funny idea that the old lady role was played by a man, but when I heard him sing, I saw that he did it really well. Albert Pla is quite a famous man who writes strange songs for older pople, but many people don’t know that one of his strange songs has been turned into a children’s book, too: Somiatruites.



davidbrownThis Mr. Brown is from Los Angeles and he used to play the sax with one of my mom’s favourite artists, Beck. After that he started writing his own songs. Now he lives in Barcelona and is really famous in countries like Russia or Ukraine.



Moreno-VelosoMoreno Veloso is another friend of The Pinker Tones’, and he lives in Brazil. He studied physics, but he is a musician like his dad, a very famous singer called Caetano Veloso. In “Flor & Rolf in the arctic circle”, Moreno plays Arason, the camp leader.



xavilozanoAt first I was a bit scared about Mr. Lozano, because he has a long beard and he plays very strange instruments. But I realized very quickly that he was very nice. He immediately told me to call him Xavi. I think there is a very famous soccer player in Spain called Xavi, but I’m not sure… Anyway, Xavi became quite famous playing his strange instruments in a TV program in the catalan TV3. He played a lot of these on this record: several flutes, the ladder, the saw, the trumpet, baritone sax, the chair…



jonMr. Cottle is from London, but he is living in Barcelona. The Pinker Tones say he is the best cello player they know, and that he played all the strings of the album. I really like the songs on which he plays!



juzzSince the first Pinker Tones’ record, Mr. Ubach has always played the difficult piano parts. And because “My tiny Cactus” is a really difficult song to play Mister Furia and Profesor Manso asked him to record this track.



silviapcSilvia is a woman from Palafrugell with a super beautiful voice. When she sings, it’s like sunshine. If you do not know her, you should listen to her music. My parents are super big fans, and it turns out that her daughter is also a fan of “Rolf & Flor”, so Silvia was delighted to sing “Muna’s journey” in “Flor & Rolf in London”. The Pinker Tones say they will never forget the day she went to their studio to record…



perejouAs it also happened to me with Xavi Lozano, I was a little bit scared when I met Pere Jou: he has a big beard, but has a shaved head! But although he seems a bit serious in the beginning, he is a very nice man. He also has a very good band in Barcelona called Quart Primera, and he usually sings in Catalan. We listen to his music a lot at home.



corodeninyosIn this record, The Pinker Tones really wanted to use real children’s voices. through various friends they met Jordi Canals, the director of a children’s choir. They explained him what they wanted to do, and he went to Pinkerland with two girls and a boy. their names are Rita Canals, Paulí Canals y Paula Domènech. Singing their part twice or three times it sounded like a real choir! they did it really well! And I know, because I was there.