Flor-&-Rolf-in-London_lowFLOR & ROLF IN LONDON
The Pinker Tones present “Flor & Rolf in London”, a bilingual book/cd for the whole family. It includes drawings by Miguel Gallardo, a CD with original music by The Pinker Tones and featuring very special guests singers SÍlvia Pérez Cruz, Viginia Labuat and Pere Jou (Qu4rt Pr1mera). In this third volume of Flor & Rolf, our dear characters meet up again in the city of London, where their friend Erik, who they met at the arctic circle, has invited them. Together they meet Jimmy the jamaican bus driver, they will see Eric’s father turning into an amazing magician, “The Great Fastman”, and they will visit the British Museum. But what will have a deep impact on them will be to meet Alex, a kid with Down Sydrome, and Muna, a refugee girl from Syria. Rolf & Flor collaborate with British Red Cross and Fundación Alex.

“Flor & Rolf in London” (english/spanish)
and “Flor & Rolf in London (english/catalan)
was launched on October 14th 2015, by Alba Editorial.

Portada-Flor-&-Rolf-Círculo-polar-sin-pegatinasFLOR & ROLF IN THE ARCTIC CIRCLE
First edition: 2014 (Alba Editorial)
Hardcover edition
ISBN: 9788490650165
Pages: 44
Price: 18€ (BUY)

The second volume of the adventures of Rolf & Flor is out now! In this new cd/book, “Flor and Rolf in the Arctic Circle” our beloved characters embark on a new adventure. After they met in the Caribbean, this time they spend fifteen days together in a very magical place: an international summer camp in the Arctic Circle. There they will share their vacations with children from around the world, under the tutelage of Arason, the camp leader. They will visit geysers, see whales, slide with their sleds in the snow and they will also be seduced by the magic of the aurora borealis. But their biggest challenge will be to help Antoine, a problematic child.

First edition: 2012 (Alba Editorial)
Hardcover edition
ISBN: 9788484287889
Pages: 68
Price: 22€ (BUY)

Rolf, a kid from Barcelona and Flor, a girl from New York live parallel lives without knowing it. When they meet they discover that they are soulmates. A story of love and childhood. full of rhythm and tenderness. It includes 2CDs with original music by The Pinker Tones which feature collaborations by Albert Pla, David Brown (Brazzaville) and Mimi Miller. A bilingual book-cd for kids aged 3 to 103.
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