My name is Flor, and I live with my parents, my abuelito, my little cactus and my cat Negrete. My abuelito is Mexican but he has been living in the USA for many years. He makes me jalapeño, ham and cheese sandwiches that I take to school for breakfast. The other children do not like it, but I love it. It’s the same sandwich that my father took to school as a child, and the father of my father (my abuelito)…

Abuelito likes to spend his days playing the ukelele and on very special occasions like my birthday, he sings “Las mañanitas” wich originally was a “ranchera“. A few days ago, daddy and I found “Las mañanitas” sung by the actor and singer Jorge Negrete (my cat is named after him!) and I really like it.

I like to make home made ice lollies with mummy. The funny thing is that you can make them to have any taste you want … Just ask your dad or your mom to make you a juice with fruit that you like (pineapple, orange, banana, watermelon, melon, kiwi …), take the molds for making ice cubes from the freezer, fill them with the juice, put a stick on each one, put them in the freezer and after 3 or 4 hours … it’s ready to eat!

Sometimes the kids in my class say I’m a little weird, ‘cause for breakfast I like garlic bread and ‘cause in my room I talk to my little cactus…
Abuelito says that actually everyone is special, but some of us haven´t yet realised it.

I like airplanes, especially since I got on one for the first time to go on vacation with my parents and I met a very special boy named Rolf.

I also like to play with my dolls, and to bike in Central Park with a friend that nobody sees but me…

I don’t like people calling me “Flower”.