Although in a fresh and uninhibited way, the adventures of Rolf & Flor are impregnated with a series of educational values and elements that draw from the experience of Mr. Furia and Professor Manso in the field of parenting.

The celebration of difference, tolerance, and respect for others and nature have been the background to the first two volumes of the series.

In “Flor & Rolf in London” we show how a society that integrates people with disabilities is a better one. The way to do this is to show Alex, a boy allegedly lacking in intellectual ability because of his Down’s syndrome, helping Muna, a girl lacking in emotional stability after experiencing war.


In this book The Pinker Tones collaborate with British Red Cross and Fundación Alex, dedicating this book to the protection of childhood. So they explain in the introduction of the book:


The world is a complex place and as parents, we often struggle to find ways to explain it to our children. But the future of our society relies on them, so we can’t stop trying to do it, from values such as empathy, solidarity, or the celebration of difference.

Not so long ago our grandparents lived the war in first-hand. Years later they explained it to us, their grandchildren, to try to prevent history from repeating itself. Unfortunately, wars have continued to exist in many places of the world, causing millions of displaced people every year, many of them children. Muna (“Hope” in Arabic) is an invented character representing all those children affected by displacement as a result of war. She also symbolises the millions of children who have been assisted by the Red Cross in over 150 years of history. Alex is a character inspired by Gabriel Masfurroll’s son, born with Down’s Syndrome and who died at the age of three. In 2006, the Masfurrols -also co-founders of the Catalan Down’s Syndrome Foundation – created the Alex Foundation, dedicated to integrating people with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion and providing medical care for children with limited financial resources from different countries.

Undoubtedly, writing this book has been one of the greatest challenges of our career. This meeting with Alex and Muna is an important moment for Rolf and Flor, and we hope we have taken the right approach to describe this experience to your children, and also to you, their parents.

Alex & Salva
The Pinker Tones



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