After our post about Los conciertos de Radio3, we want to share with you some interviews that we have shot this last month.

“Info K” – Super3/Canal33
WE visited a school in Barcelona, the Escola Virolai, where we were able to play “Bienvenidos al Campamento” (the spanish versión of “Welcome to our summer camp”. It was an amazing experience!

“Aquí te pillo, aquí te grabo” – Metrópoli/El Mundo
On our trip to Madrid (when we shot Los conciertos de radio3 and presented our cd/book in FNAC Callao) we were recorded by the people from “Aquí te pillo, aquí te grabo”, a blog from Metrópoli/El Mundo. In this program, different bands play one of their songs in a public location. We decided to play “Ukelele” in the kid’s books section in FNAC.

“Noticies Catalunya” – TVE
The regional news in Catalonia interviewed us in a kid’s park, check us out singing and playing aroud!

We want to thank all journalists, bloggers and activist fans on the social networks for your support and for helping us to spread the word. You don’t know how important you are for us. Of course, so are all the families
that fill up the front rows of our concerts with crowds of happy children, and all those who sing along our songs. If you want to receive more information about everything related to Rolf & Flor and The Pinker Tones, subscribe to our mailing list here, and get a free mp3 of a collaboration with Albert Pla (“Vull una flor”).


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