It’s been one year since we launched Rolf & Flor. During a whole year, we have had the opportunity to bring the music of our cd/book to many, many, children all over the world, and also to many parents, some of who have confessed to be fans of Rolf, Flor, or both. My neighbour’s daughter doesn’t let her daddy start the engine of the car if “Ukelele” isn’t playing. And this is just one of the many stories that have been told to us, and we are very happy everytime somebody does. Because of that, and because we know that you Rolf & Flor lovers are spread in many special places all around the world, this year we would like to come and tell you our story, no matter how far you are. At the moment, we will start with our own country, and we will visit some places we’ve never been to before like Alicante (27th of december), Avilés (4th of january) y Granollers (22nd of february). There will also be a couple of very special shows in Barcelona: the 16th of february in the Casino l’Aliança de Poble Nou, with Albert Pla; the 6th of april we will be repeating the great experience of the De Prop Festival, in La Pedrera, and with Miguel Gallardo. And, last but not least, we will play Vilanova i la Geltrú on the 16th of march, also together with Miguel Gallardo. we hope to confirm many more dates during the year. What we can announce today is that in June 2014 a second part of Rolf & Flor will be released. It will be called “ROLF & FLOR EN EL CÍRCULO POLAR“/”FLOR & ROLF IN THE ARTIC CIRCLE“.

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If you are a promoter and you are interested in booking The Pinker Tones, please contact Olga Pedra (agency@outstanding.pro).


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